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Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Rolex Perpetual Spirit Magazine

Perpetual Spirit, the beautiful magazine from Rolex is now at leading watch retailers.

Josh Smith Paintings - SOLD!

We sold our first two golf landscape paintings today, which was exciting news. The purchaser bought 2 lithographs of the 11th hole at Pacific Dunes at the wonderful Bandon Dunes Resort. One is for him and one for a friend. Nice Christmas present.
I have to say that setting up the shop was pretty straightforward and the folks at GoDaddy.com are very helpful in solving technical issues as they interface with the host bank. They are easier to deal with than register.com

Has there ever been a better time to establish a business than this? - the web has changed retail forever and is open to anyone to sell their goods and services to a global audience for a fraction of the price from even five years ago.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Josh Smith Golf Landscapes - JoshSmithart.com

Our new site for the outstanding golf landscape artist, Josh Smith is now up and running. For the first time we established a shop for Josh, whish is not quite as simple as some would have you believe. The moment Chase stepped into the picture with its Payment Tech System, you know it was going to be more complicated than pitched by Godaddy.com. I was fortunate to find an amazing representative, Lacie, who talked me through the whole process, so we are now up and running with 9 great giclees on canvas and lithographs on paper for sale. The paintings include Pacific Dunes, Pebble Beach and Royal County Down. You can see all of Josh's work at www.JoshSmithArt.com

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tiger, Tiger burning not so bright.

"Tiger, Tiger, turning right
In the middle of the night
What immortal hand or wedge
Could frame thy Cadillac in a hedge"

NG with apologies to William Blake

The recent "incident" has to be the PR disaster of the decade. And just before the forgettable "noughties" end. Once again it confirms the fact that you or your company needs to be in control of your messaging. If you leave it to others, be they competitors, the marketplace, even the tabloids, you will come out of it the worse for wear.

Quite how IMG, one of the most respected ( if also reviled) agents in the world of sports let this story grow and grow without "getting in front of it" is amazing to me and to numerous PR professionals I have discussed it with.

It is ironic that one of Tiger's favorite golf course expressions is "it's all out in front ot you" when referring to a course. Well, Tiger this was one story you needed to be in front of. Now, you and IMG are chasing the proverbial Tiger's Tail. And the tale is getting longer.