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Friday, August 2, 2013

Glory's Last Shot is Shot!

Final the worst phrase associated with a golf tournament is done. Allegedly following pressure from Tour head honcho, (and G5 frequent flyer) Tim Finchem, the PGA of America has made the wise decision to drop the clunky phrase "Glory's Last Shot."

So, with a little luck, the commentators from TNT and CBS will have read the memo and it will be a "GLS" free telecast. We will still of course have to put up with a zillion CBS promos and filler that will ensure that the 4th major will also continue its position as the 4th placed telecast. And please don't tell me it has the best field of all the majors based on the spurious World Ranking - because that has nothing to do with the quality of the tournament or the lousy TV production.

Now, if only we can lose "The Green Mile" and the "Bear Trap"! Another project for another day.