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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Digital Delivery Update

It turns out that this topic proved way more controversial than was intended! I was just commenting on the efficiencies (or not) of print delivery and how in 2012 there is a better way. I have heard from many people on both sides of the fence and a healthy debate is alway a good thing!
Well, guess what arrived this morning - my copy of Golfweek dated August 10th with Keegan Bradley's win at the Bridgestone - admit it, you can't even remember that event! Enough said!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Digital Delivery in Golf

My copy of GolfWeek magazine arrived today and I read that Rory McIlroy won The PGA Championship! Yes, that's right, 2 weeks after his wonderful victory the old style printed confirmation came through my mail box. Don't get me wrong, the writing in the magazine is solid and I admit it feels good to read something printed with ink on actual paper...but 2 weeks! Either they need to find a better distribution agent or go 100% digital.
When golf industry veteran Jim Nugent started his digital publication, Global Golf Post (GGP), a few years ago he had his doubters. I was not one of them and the well written comprehensive digital magazine lands in my inbox punctually on a Monday morning and to my mind is really hitting its stride now. The worldwide professional and amateur coverage is first class. Did I mention that is also free! I would happily pay for it and I have no knowledge of how the ad supported model is working in their business plan.
The old printed paper weekly model is at death's door and knocking, whether the older golf audience like it or not. It's called the future.
BTW - I have no affiliation with GGP. I just like it when things work and deliver on the premise. If you haven't signed up for GGP yet, you can do so here.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's Official - Sunday's Red Shirt Has a New Owner (and the CBS coverage was once again awful!)

Maybe the time has finally come for Tiger to choose a new wardrobe for his Sunday play at the Majors. With Rory's conscious decision to wear a red shirt on Sunday he was trying to make a point. And he did so emphatically with a magnificent 8 shot victory. Two Majors for a 23 year old is an amazing accomplishment.

Not that too many people saw it, as the numbers were once again down with the dreadful CBS coverage. Sure the Olympics distracted many potential viewers, but it was really the wicked combo of the PGA of America and CBS and their awful production that dropped the ball. Ads and Fall show previews every few minutes, lack of full leader boards and too much Tiger (even though he was out of the event). The PGA continues to believe they have the strongest field in golf, which is just plain wrong. With twenty club professionals (all missing the cut) are we supposed to believe those guys are better than Tour pros ranked in the low 100s in the Official World Golf Rankings - I don't think so. Until the television coverage and field improves, the PGA will continue to be ranked a distant fourth in the Majors ranking list.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

3 Golf Success Stories in a Tough Economy - and they are all Made in America.

The golf business is going through some tough times right now. Rounds played are down, participation is down, private golf courses are going public, golf led real estate developments are being mothballed. okay, okay, we get it - enough bad news - tell us some good news! Well, here are 3 terrific golf products that have come to the market in the last couple of years that are making inroads across the board, both with new players and avid players looking for innovation in our great game.

Kentwool Socks
How do you reinvent socks? Good question and one I don't actually know the answer too. But I do know these guys are making awesome golf socks in South Carolina. And they seem to be on a roll.
If there is one thing you need when playing golf, it's comfortable feet. Yes, of course shoes are important, but don't underestimate your socks. Why on earth would you buy an expensive pair of shoes and then neglect what comes into contact with the shoes, namely your feet! I recently discovered Kentwool socks and they are unbelievable. They transform the feeling of walking and the natural fibers and wicking material used keep your feet confortable and dry. Matt Kuchar and Bubba endorse the product, (which is nice) but take my word for it and try Kentwools.
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Stitch Golf
A couple of golf industry veterans (though they won't thank me for that!) have re-created classic golf headcovers. Available in wool and leather these beautifully produced covers will last a lifetime and with simple, clean designs you will find a set to match your golf bag with no problem. Once again, these are Made in America (spot the trend) and available on line as well as in pro shops and off course retailers. I was just in Manhattan and saw them in New York Golf Center on West 35th Street.
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Tin Cup
Tin Cup has been a big success since its introduction in 2010 and like many ideas it is simple and solves a unique challenge golfers have - i.e how do they effectively mark their ball as suggested in the rules of golf. It solves the problem with pizazz and allows customization of a golf ball in unique and easy way. Just put the stainless steel stencil on the ball and using a fine point sharpie, fill in the gaps! Above is the Union Jack version and there are over 100 including colleges.
Full disclosure - Tin Cup is one of our clients and we have been fortunate to help with the growth over the last couple of years. Tin Cup is now in over 1,000 leading golf retailers.
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