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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Links Candles - Light Up The Course

It's time for a new adventure. And there is nothing quite like launching a new product to get the creative juices flowing. So, that's what we are about to do and we are doing it with candles. Yes, candles! Who doesn't love scented candles. They look great, smell great and make the perfect year round gift. Over the course of the last few months we have sourced gorgeous 100% soy scented candles, labels, packaging, crinkle paper, shipping boxes, product cards and built a website. (Awesome job by Cary building www.linkscandles.com). I'm happy to say everything we have sourced is made in America. The majority of scented candles are made in China and the volumes required may be okay if you are Target, but not for us. We have no idea if anyone else likes the idea yet, so I didn't feel like having a garage full of 10,000 candles stacked upon each other and nowhere to put the car!
The inspiration for the candles is the great game of golf. The blue, green and yellow logo above represents the sea and sky, grass and sand. It's nature at its finest and the linked circles are the combination of the three coming together. We went through many iterations of the name and it was my father in law who really liked the simple name "Links" amongst our many possibilities. We hope you like it too! 

The scents for the candles came through many hours of testing and sniffing. Candles can smell very different when lit and the living room was our olfactory testing center for weeks until we all agreed on the ones we liked. The scents include fresh cut grass, pine tress, magnolias and more. We also had great fun naming the products to fit the golf theme. For example, we have Tall Pines, Earth and Magnolia (yes, I would have liked to have added another word to that one!)
The artwork above of the 16th at Cabot Links truly represents what Links Candles stands for and I have a couple of people to thank for allowing us to use the image on our website and packaging. Josh Smith, the incredibly talented artist who painted it and Ben Cowan-Dewar, the visionary behind the Cabot Links property in Inverness, Nova Scotia. See Josh's site here and Cabot Links here.

Well, that's a little of the background to the adventure. We will see where the journey takes us in the coming months. If you would like to order a candle or two, here's where you can do it. 
STOP PRESS - Our packaging just arrived and here it is.