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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mike Malloy and Waveborn - A Man and a Company on a Mission

Mike Malloy
 (Sunglasses entrepreneur and leading Ultimate Frisbee player)

Some people are just driven. That's Mike Malloy. I was introduced to Mike at 1776, the downtown D.C. incubator firm and he is a man on a mission. His company is Waveborn and they make awesome sunglasses in a variety of styles, including a couple designs, Dockweiler and Zuma that are great for golf. I can personally attest having played a number of rounds with them.
Zuma (Polarized)

Mike and his socially responsible company are on a mission to support funding for eye cataract surgeries around the world. Mike has partnered with See International a well known charity with a strapline that explains perfectly what they do - "Restoring Sight. Transforming Lives." Waveborn gives 10% of their profits to this incredible cause. Mike is passionate about his business and about giving back and his Waveborn is growing rapidly as a result of his commitment, alongside quality products and service.

I'm honored to have recently joined his Advisory Board and am steering him through the world of golf retailing. Mike also recently announced that three time Super Bowl winning quarterback, Troy Aikman has joined the Board. That's one Board meeting I am looking forward to!

Troy Aikman

Here's the Waveborn site and I recommend you take a look at the many designs and colors available. Mike also set up a coupon code for our Blog readers. The code is "macduff" and gives you a 20% discount off all sunglasses on the site.