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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Slow Play - The Curse of the Game...finally a great solution from Golfswell

Slow Play is a topic on which I have a lot to say. I grew up in England and learned to play 18 holes comfortably in three hours (often less), so it was a shock to the system playing on public and private golf courses in America where four hours and 30 minutes is more the norm.

It's actually been a while since I have blogged (sorry about that!). My clients have been keeping me busy! Although the retail golf business is tough, companies with cool, niche brands continue to do well.

As I said, I am passionate about pace of play and have recently started working with a cool new company, Golfswell, that addresses perhaps the hottest subject in the game right now - slow play. Despite some attempts by the governing bodies, namely the USGA with its "While We're Young" PSAs, the length of time it takes to play 18 holes in the US is a joke. You can point your finger at many organizations for the calamitous situation. Televised golf is in part responsible for the position we find ourselves in - pros consulting their yardage charts three times, backing off shots five times (yes, you Keegan Bradley) are all contributing to not only an awful viewing experience but encouraging amateurs that it is okay to play slowly. When is the Commish going to do something about it? That's right...never! He has hours of television pre-sold to fill. So, Webb Simpson has six practice swings. So what, says the Tour - not our problem.

The fact is that these Pros are part of the problem because kids are watching this nonsense, lining up the ball, backing off, checking their yardage book one more time - come on...hit it will you!

So what does Golfswell do to address slow play? Well, their iPhone App gives you a full GPS of the golf course you are playing PLUS it monitors your speed. The App helps you get around the golf course quicker and alerts those who are there to help with real time data and real facts. The massive advantage to the club is it frees up additional tee times so they can generate additional revenue.

So, your saying, I'll get around quicker? Yes, I am and there is amazing data from a well-known TPC course to confirm that round times fell a minimum of 15 minutes. The App is now moving from Beta to market because it works! Goodness knows we need something that speeds up play and helps to take away the major frustration ever present in today's game. Read more here on their website and download the free App here.