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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Father's Day Gift Guide - Five Authentic Gifts

I make no excuses with our Father's Day Gift Guide. All of these fine golf companies are clients and we are very proud to work with them. I'm sure you'll find something very cool here for Dad. One key thing to note with all of these great gifts - they are ALL Made in America. Which is nice!

1. Josh Smith Golf Landscapes. Josh paints gorgeous golf landscapes. His portfolio runs from Bandon Dunes Resort to Pebble Beach and many wonderful courses in between. We recently found three perfect, limited edition, tubed giclees on archive paper in a cupboard. The images are Royal County Down (3rd hole), Bandon Trails (3rd hole) and Pebble Beach (7th hole as it was in 1929 - above). Just because it is you, we are offering these for $195 each, including USPS shipping. There are three left and that's it! - if you would like one email me at nick@macduffconsulting.com and we'll get it out the same day to you.
2. Lee Wybranski Art & Design. Lee is having quite a year and his latest poster for the USGA for this year's U.S. Open at Merion is another stunning piece. Featuring the iconic red wicker basket, it is perfect for Dad's den! You can buy it here on the USGA's site. If you would like to explore more of Lee's work have a look at his website here.

3. MacKenzie Walker Golf Bag Company. Todd Rohrer, way out west in Portland, Oregon produces the best golf bags in the business - bar none! Now this gift takes some thought and perhaps input from your father to produce a one off handcrafted piece of magic. I have been guided through the process three times by Todd and each golf bag is a work of art! Some would say they are expensive at $845, but think about it - you spend that on a set of clubs and two years later switch them out and they are worth about $50! The MacKenzie will last a lifetime and the memory will be priceless. Have a look at the amazing selection of leathers here.

4. Stitch Golf. Based in North Carolina, Stitch makes amazing leather headcovers and other cool leather accessories - I have their #1 iPad cover! We first came across Stitch last year and in a short period of time they have made huge strides at retail and with consumers. Look out for their Merion U.S. Open covers if you are at the tournament - but be quick, because they are going to fly off the shelves! Read more about Stitch here.

5. Tin Cup. The Father's Day Package here is a great way to choose the best cup to fit Dad's golf game. Plus it includes a couple of pens, poker chip and leather valuables pouch. Tin Cup is now in over 1,400 retail outlets in the U.S. as well as being on line here with 140 designs. In addition you could create a one off custom design here.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Streamsong - Smart, really smart!

The smart marketers at magnificent Streamsong in Florida have begun promoting the 6 and 12 hole game. It's very hot in central Florida during the summer and they have thought outside of the box to create a compelling reason to play a few holes and then have a nice dinner and glass of wine. The package price is very reasonable and having had the good fortune to play Doak's Blue course and Coore and Crenshaw's Red course, this is an offer that should be snapped up. 
A shortened version of golf, be it 6, 9 or 12 holes is much under rated. I grew up playing at North Hants Golf Club in Hampshire, England and we had all of those options due to the wonderful routing made by James Braid in 1904. 

Great thinking Streamsong! ps - it's tough to read on the picture above so go and take a look here - Read More Here.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

So many stories in golf - where to start?

What a crazy few weeks its been in the world of golf - a 14 year old making two cuts out of two, Tiger's Dropgate, Vijay's attempt to grow deer antlers and the ongoing dust up between the R&A and PGA Of America.

Let's start with Tianlang Guan making the cut at Augusta and then the Zurich Classic in New Orleans. There is no doubt that a whole new generation of golfers are coming out of China, which is good for the game around the world. Let's hope he is well managed by his parents and whoever is advising him and he doesn't turn in to the underachieving Michelle Wie.

Tiger's DropGate at Augusta and once again the rules of golf, (overly complicated and baffling at best) were the main story at Augusta...sorry Adam! It's clear now that the Rules Committee at ANGC dropped the ball and 2013 will be the last year with no walking referees in each group - the only major not to do so. Tiger just did what he was told and those that called for him to DQ himself were just plain wrong.

What on earth was Vijay thinking taking deer antler spray? As has been reported previously, there was an incident in Indonesia in 1985 where Vijay altered his scorecard during the event and this deer spray nonsense has once again brought that up and Vijay's proclivity to court controversy. The Tour, as always, dodged the bullet and found a way around fining or banning the Fijian.

The ongoing war of words between the R&A and The PGA of America took a turn for the worse at Augusta. Ted Bishop, the PGA President and Peter Dawson, Secretary of the R&A had words under the tree and Dawson left in a huff. The argument continues about the anchoring of the putter (which is really a lot of nonsense) when there are bigger challenges in the game and hopefully the R&A and USGA will announce their decision shortly so we can talk about something more important!