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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The 18th At The West Course, Wentworth...Oh Dear

The players at the BMW PGA Championship will be doing their very best to say nice things about the truly awful changes to "The Course formally known as Wentworth". Quite why the owner took it upon himself to turn a great golf course into "TPC Surrey" is unclear (Well, I think we do know that answer). What is clear is that the players are struggling to find a good thing to say about Ernie Els' re-do of The West. The great Harry Colt, who originally designed the course is spinning in his grave right now.
I have read the players talking about "great conditioning" which is code for "the design is awful, but at least the greens are good". If you do find yourself in Wentworth skip the West and play the wonderful East Course. And be quick because that could be the next under the architects scalpel!

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