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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Monday visit to Pebble

I was at Pebble on Monday and the golf course is in magnificent condition. It looks so different from the bumpy wet golf course played in February for the AT&T. The thing with Pebble is there are so many great holes you tend to forget the bland ones. The golf course doesn’t really get going until the 5th and Nicklaus did a great job with the tough par 3 that hugs the cliff. Through the 10th it’s exceptional and then the 11th through the 16th are just so average, until reaching the 17th tee. The 14th is one of my least favourite holes in golf, a long, uphill par 5 to a ridiculously small sloping green. Just no fun at all and the players hate it, though they are trained to say nothing. The 18th looked great, though I miss the 2 big trees on the right side of the hole. Arnold Palmer has added another bunker up the right, but it is more cosmetic than in play. It is going to be a great U.S. Open with the golf course running hard and fast. The greens are tough to hold, so watch out for the players with strong short games. Anyone say Phil?

(the picture is taken from the Beach club looking at the 17th green and 18th tee)

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