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Monday, July 19, 2010

The 150th Most Boring Open Championship

All credit to Louis Oosthuizen. Great swing, great play, great win. But, in the words of the legendary film director, Martin Scorsese, "Where's the drama, Who's the Protagonist, Who's the Antagonist?" I had high hopes of a great Open Championship, but just like the U.S. Open it didn't transpire. The weather blew away the field and Oosthuizen is no Dustin Johnson and there was scant chance of him folding. His fundamentals are solid and he looked at ease as he walked to the first tee. Even those who did switch on ABC in the morning in the US were unlikely to stay the course, especially after the 4 shot swing on 12. If the lack of drama wasn't enough those cheesy Scottish vignettes were enough to make the viewer reach for the remote and find a Baywatch re-run. When will the US networks stop making these cliche ridden pieces and simply focus on the golf. I know, never, but I still needed to say it. Well done Louis, the deserved Champion Golfer of the Year.

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