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Friday, August 13, 2010

Over-engineered & Unnecessary- the double golf bag strap

What's up with all the manufacturers only providing golf bags with the simply awful, over-engineered double bag strap? I grew up with a simple golf bag with a single strap that you threw over your shoulder and walked. It no longer seems to be an option with the major manufacturers and I'm not picking on Titleist (above) for the ugly looking contraption. Why don't they make it an option? Single or double strap with your bag, sir?
I was recently at a club where my caddy had swapped my entire set into a single strap bag so he could double bag. Well, I need my "stuff" with me when I play, so drastic action was needed so I took my bag into the shop, borrowed a box cutter from the pro and cut the useless second strap off. Result - Happy caddy, Happy player.
And don't give me all that "oh, it's so much better for your back nonsense". Walking, not driving is better for your back and having a bag of clubs on one shoulder a few times a month isn't causing any back pain.
Have a look at the top picture of the Mackenzie Walker golf bag - doesn't that single strap look better than the double? Of course it does AND it's way more comfortable. Let me know if you agree or not?

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