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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Packaging the FedEx Cup

It's opening day of the NFL and the 3rd event of the FedEx Cup, The BMW. The mere presence of the NFL impacts every sport and the final two weeks of the FedEx Cup will not be spared the mercy of mighty professional football. The PGA Tour needs to find a solution to this. Golf's version of the "Play Offs" lasts 4 weeks and going up against the NFL is just bad business. I'm sure the CMO of FedEx is hanging on the Nielsen data for the final events and checking if they are getting the bang for their substantial buck. There is a solution and that's to move up the events on the calendar and many people have suggested this. The Commish is resisting until he knows how the rest of his tournament sponsorship deals are looking. He may face a bigger issue soon - FedEx pay at least $50 million a year for this series of events - that's a lot of packages and as value for money goes we may be at the beginning of the end.

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