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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Q School - The Six Day Grind

For those who didn't keep their Tour Card by earning a spot in the top 125 the next six days have the potential to be like water torture! 108 holes of strokeplay golf is alot of golf, even without the pressure of Q School. It's actually not that bad for the majority of the field (however the Golf Channel likes to paint it!) as the most of them have somewhere to play next year, even if it is on the secondary Nationwide Tour. Players who finished 126-150 on the PGA Tour in 2010 still get to play 15-18 events on Tour and every player who makes the four round cut gets their Nationwide card.
I have attended Q School as a player agent twice and the pressure and tension is definitely in the air, especially on the final day (both times my player made it through) but it's really not the doom and gloom everyone talks about.

You would think it would be a great opportunity for the Tour to test a great golf course under tournament conditions - sadly no. The golf courses at Orange County National are fine. Dreadful word "fine" isn't it. Let's just say the courses are on a par with their logo above...nuff said!

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