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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

So many stories in golf - where to start?

What a crazy few weeks its been in the world of golf - a 14 year old making two cuts out of two, Tiger's Dropgate, Vijay's attempt to grow deer antlers and the ongoing dust up between the R&A and PGA Of America.

Let's start with Tianlang Guan making the cut at Augusta and then the Zurich Classic in New Orleans. There is no doubt that a whole new generation of golfers are coming out of China, which is good for the game around the world. Let's hope he is well managed by his parents and whoever is advising him and he doesn't turn in to the underachieving Michelle Wie.

Tiger's DropGate at Augusta and once again the rules of golf, (overly complicated and baffling at best) were the main story at Augusta...sorry Adam! It's clear now that the Rules Committee at ANGC dropped the ball and 2013 will be the last year with no walking referees in each group - the only major not to do so. Tiger just did what he was told and those that called for him to DQ himself were just plain wrong.

What on earth was Vijay thinking taking deer antler spray? As has been reported previously, there was an incident in Indonesia in 1985 where Vijay altered his scorecard during the event and this deer spray nonsense has once again brought that up and Vijay's proclivity to court controversy. The Tour, as always, dodged the bullet and found a way around fining or banning the Fijian.

The ongoing war of words between the R&A and The PGA of America took a turn for the worse at Augusta. Ted Bishop, the PGA President and Peter Dawson, Secretary of the R&A had words under the tree and Dawson left in a huff. The argument continues about the anchoring of the putter (which is really a lot of nonsense) when there are bigger challenges in the game and hopefully the R&A and USGA will announce their decision shortly so we can talk about something more important!

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