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Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Top Five from the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show

Golf Board
This product actually won "Best in Show" and the honor was well deserved for a product conceived, designed and brought to market by surfers. I met with one of the owners, Star Faraon and he has never played golf, clearly never worn a blue blazer and is a cool west coast dude. He is also a smart guy and introducing the Golf Board at the show, he had few pre-conceived ideas about how it would be received by the traditionalists who frequent the massive convention center. When I met with him he was in shock, as his booth was swarming with golfers intrigued by the prospect of a new form of golf course transportation. The Golf Board is well engineered, looks like great fun and should be embraced by clubs as a new way to promote the game and perhaps even speed up play. www.golfboard.com

Callaway Apex irons
Callaway seem to have incurred the wrath of some people by using the Hogan Apex name on golf clubs. Who knows why that would be? And frankly who cares, especially when the clubs look and feel as good as they do. The top line on these irons is as good as I have seen since Callaway introduced the forged irons in 2007 and they are still in my bag! Callaway designer and all round good guy, Dr. Alan Hocknell talked me through the features of the clubs and they are a technological marvel as well as looking like the next set in my bag! www.callawaygolf.com

Tin Cup 
As some of you may know, I am closely involved with Tin Cup, but that doesn't stop me from telling you about the most amazing viral tweeting I have ever experienced. We introduced a new cup called "Incognito" a couple weeks ago. Both golf.com and Golf Channel picked up on the cup as resembling Walter White from Breaking Bad and tweeted it accordingly to their thousands of followers. And within 24 hours the image had been retweeted hundreds of times. Go take a look! www.tin-cup.com

Golfers Skin
Having had a couple of sun related questionable bits chopped off, I am now more wary of the damage the sun can do than ever. Golfers Skin has quickly become the skin protection chosen by players on the professional tours. And for good reason, it has a UV factor of 30, which studies show is about as high as protection goes, plus you put it on without the need to wash your hands to remove the slimy and sticky residue left by other brands. One more thing I like - the packaging is simple, clean and contemporary. www.golfersskin.com

G-Fore Shoes
Owned by fashion guru, Mossimo Giannulli, this company once again features in my faves. In previous years this was for their colored gloves, that have now been blatantly copied by Footjoy! This time they make the Top 5 for their new shoe that is available in July. You can see it below - a killer wool covered grey and purple shoe that will be my shoe of choice on sunny days. I'm not sure how they will do in the rain, but who cares when you look this good! www.gfore.com

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