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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Digital Delivery in Golf

My copy of GolfWeek magazine arrived today and I read that Rory McIlroy won The PGA Championship! Yes, that's right, 2 weeks after his wonderful victory the old style printed confirmation came through my mail box. Don't get me wrong, the writing in the magazine is solid and I admit it feels good to read something printed with ink on actual paper...but 2 weeks! Either they need to find a better distribution agent or go 100% digital.
When golf industry veteran Jim Nugent started his digital publication, Global Golf Post (GGP), a few years ago he had his doubters. I was not one of them and the well written comprehensive digital magazine lands in my inbox punctually on a Monday morning and to my mind is really hitting its stride now. The worldwide professional and amateur coverage is first class. Did I mention that is also free! I would happily pay for it and I have no knowledge of how the ad supported model is working in their business plan.
The old printed paper weekly model is at death's door and knocking, whether the older golf audience like it or not. It's called the future.
BTW - I have no affiliation with GGP. I just like it when things work and deliver on the premise. If you haven't signed up for GGP yet, you can do so here.

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