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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's Official - Sunday's Red Shirt Has a New Owner (and the CBS coverage was once again awful!)

Maybe the time has finally come for Tiger to choose a new wardrobe for his Sunday play at the Majors. With Rory's conscious decision to wear a red shirt on Sunday he was trying to make a point. And he did so emphatically with a magnificent 8 shot victory. Two Majors for a 23 year old is an amazing accomplishment.

Not that too many people saw it, as the numbers were once again down with the dreadful CBS coverage. Sure the Olympics distracted many potential viewers, but it was really the wicked combo of the PGA of America and CBS and their awful production that dropped the ball. Ads and Fall show previews every few minutes, lack of full leader boards and too much Tiger (even though he was out of the event). The PGA continues to believe they have the strongest field in golf, which is just plain wrong. With twenty club professionals (all missing the cut) are we supposed to believe those guys are better than Tour pros ranked in the low 100s in the Official World Golf Rankings - I don't think so. Until the television coverage and field improves, the PGA will continue to be ranked a distant fourth in the Majors ranking list.

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