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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Best iPhone apps - More Customized Content

Most people have apps on their phone, be it an iPhone or one of the other "not quite as good as an IPhone" phones! The next generation of apps is coming for computers, TVs, even for those weird electronic picture frames. Really, I'm ok just having a frame with one picture in it.

Everyone’s iPhone is customizable - you put on what you want to use and take off what you don't. Genius that Steve Jobs. Here are my top 5 aps for January.

1. BBC News - the news as it really is. No Fox misinterpretation, no Hollywood entertainment. Just the news. Simple
2. Shazam - hear a song, but don't know what it is - hold your iPhone to the speaker and through the miracle of all those 0s and 1s it tells you - 99.9% of the time - is hasn't worked out classical music yet?
3. Starbucks - I know there is one around here somewhere. Just open the ap and little green pins appear everywhere. Don't do this in Manhattan or the entire island will turn green!
4. Yowza - this is terrific! It works out where you are and provides a list of stores with special offers so you can finally forget about leaving your coupons at home and still get a deal. The big names like Sears, Crate & Barrel and The Container Store are on the list.
5. CNBC RT - still the best in the business world and a great site for keeping up to date in real time with new and views on the global markets.

What all of these have in common is quality, whether it is the content or the engineering that works flawlessly. That's what it takes in the world of the Ap, where content is still king.

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