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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Customize, Customize, Customize

Customization is likely to be one of the watchwords of the "tens" or whatever we are going to call this decade.

Now this is a cool ap for the outside rather than the inside of the iPhone. It's not only cool it is what customized content is all about. You take charge, you make your mark, you create your own image to share with the world - well, who ever sees your iPhone.

Case Mate's new online design tool I Make My Case enables iPhone users to create custom cases by simply reworking illustrations already designed by renowned graphic artists such as Joshua Davis, Anthony Yankovic, Hannah Stouffer and others.

Scotty Cameron users have been doing this type of customization for a while and for once Titleist have been ahead of the golf pack with their customization (Their own wedge man Bob Vokey is also on the bandwagon). Who wants a putter like everyone else, when you can have a pimped putter!

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